We’re ready for MISSION!

What do you get if you cross 37 young people, the needs of our community, and Jesus? –


This Monday we will be sending our young people on Mission. Their mission is to work together to meet the needs of some of the most challenged people in our local community. It may not be in a foreign country, but this is Mission alright.

Reaching outwards is one of our key values as a church family, and we believe that as young people have the opportunity to reach outwards to those who live in their own community that they live out the Mission we are all called as followers of Jesus to do, ‘To love the Lord our God, and love our neighbours.

Please pray for our young people this week, as it can be a very challenging week for them. Pray for their safety, for opportunities for them to grow in Christ, and for opportunities for them to share Christ with the people they meet on Mission.

If you want to know more about the Youth Mission Week this year then check out this VIDEO: 


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